mumbai to statue of unity train

Mumbai To Statue Of Unity Train Latest Information- 2024

If you want to know about the Mumbai to Statue of Unity train, then let us tell you that the 12927 Dadar Ektanagar Superfast train runs daily from Dadar Mumbai to Statue of Unity i.e. Ekta Nagar Railway Station.

Dadar Ekta Nagar Superfast train departs from Dadar at 11:50 PM and reaches Ekta Nagar by 7:30 AM. This train reaches Ekta Nagar railway station early in the morning via Borivali, Surat, and Vadodara Junction, and the same train returns to Dadar from Ekta Nagar at 9:30 PM. With mumbai to statue of unity train.

mumbai to statue of unity train

Mumbai To Statue of Unity Train or One Day Trip Plan from Mumbai

You can complete the journey to the Statue of Unity in one day via Mumbai to Statue of Unity train and if you want to stay there then you can also stay there, in a one day journey you will take a train at night and reach there early in the morning.

After that, very good arrangements have been made at Ekta Nagar station for the passengers to freshen up, which are made separately for men and women, by going there you can freshen up and change your clothes.

After getting fresh, there is a canteen at Ekta Nagar station itself where you can have tea and breakfast. After having tea and breakfast, come out of the station where you will get a free bus service to the Statue of Unity, in which you can board the statue. Will reach off unity.

After reaching the Statue of Unity by mumbai to statue of unity train, if you have taken your morning time ticket, then go inside the Statue of Unity and see the entire Statue of Unity and it may take you about 2 hours to see it.

Places to visit and visit near Statue of Unity via

Apart from the Statue of Unity, you can also visit other main tourist places like Jungle Safari, Children’s Nutrition Park, Sardar Sarovar Dam, Butterfly Garden, Ekta Cruise, and Narmada Aarti, you will get a different experience at all these places.

You will have a different kind of fun in seeing the jungle safari. If like me you are also a bird and animal lover, there you will get to see other types of birds and animals which you can enjoy seeing and your mind will be happy after seeing all the birds there. It will be done.

If you are planning a day trip then you can buy a Statue of Unity Gallery ticket from 4 to 6 pm and before that you can cover 2 to 3 spots, after that go to the Statue of Unity in the evening till 6 pm. After seeing the Statue of Unity, stay there till 7 pm and watch the laser show which starts at 7 pm.

As soon as the laser show is over, come out immediately and after coming out, board the bus going to Ekta Nagar Railway Station and reach the station on time via mumbai to statue of unity train. Doing all this, you will reach the station by around 8:15, after that Ekta Nagar Railway. Take your luggage from the station locker if you have deposited it.

The time of the train going from Ekta Nagar Railway Station to Dadar is 9:30, so by then you can eat some food or you can take Puri Bhaji and other food from the canteen at the station and then board your train. In this way, your journey from Mumbai to the Statue of Unity will be completed in one day via mumbai to statue of unity train.

The Nearest Station to Statue of Unity

The nearest railway station to the Statue of Unity is Ekta Nagar where there are trains from different parts of the country and you can reach the Statue of Unity by free bus service from Ekta Nagar Railway Station.

Statue of Unity Tickets Price List

The price of the Statue of Unity depends on the attractions and which show you want to watch but let me tell you that it is at a very normal price for more information you can check the Statue of Unity official website online booking price by visiting the official website of SOU.

Here are the beautiful Statue of Unity images

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