agra to mathura distance

How To Reach Mathura From Agra 2023- Agra to Mathura Distance

The distance from Agra to Mathura is Agra to Mathura distance approximately 57 km and there are two better options to reach Mathura, the first option is via road through which you will reach Mathura from Agra in about 1 hour.

The second option is to go by train. Many trains go from Agra Cant to Delhi and Punjab, whose next stop is Mathura and it takes about 40 minutes.

agra to mathura distance

Agra to Mathura distance and the beautiful place to visit in Mathura

If you have come to Mathura from Agra, then we would suggest that you visit some important places in Mathura, which is the city of Lord Shri Krishna. Major places to visit in Mathura are as follows where you can spend your time very religiously.

Top places of Mathura-

Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi

Dwarkadhish Temple

Vishram Ghat

Jai Gurudev Temple

Hope your journey is pleasant and Kanha will remove all your sorrows.

Radhe Radhe!